“Step Away from the Mean Girls…
…and say bye-bye to feeling bad about your looks.
you ready to stop colluding with a culture that makes so many of us
feel physically inadequate? Say goodbye to your inner critic, and take
this pledge to be kinder to yourself and others.
This is a call
to arms. A call to be gentle, to be forgiving, to be generous with
yourself. The next time you look into the mirror, try to let go of the
story line that says you’re too fat or too sallow, too ashy or too old,
your eyes are too small or your nose too big; just look into the mirror
and see your face. When the criticism drops away, what you will see then
is just you, without judgment, and that is the first step toward
transforming your experience of the world.”


We are bombarded with what our bodies should look like.  How many blogs, stories, quotes have you heard about body image?  I have to admit I am still working on my feelings with my body and feel it is a lifelong adventure to see my body as beautiful and purposeful as I get older.  How many times do we look in the mirror and pick out at least one thing that we know we don’t like?

Let’s just imagine for a minute what it would be like to like everything about our bodies.  How does that feel?  What does your mind do when you think about it?   Mine goes right into “how could I like something that is obviously wrong!  How could I say this is beautiful when it is from years of abuse.”   If I say my body is ok then is that condoning the negative things I do to it?   NO!  Does our mind think that, of course, because our mind is wanting to protect us from harm.  This is where we step in and take control of all the past beliefs, traumas, and habits.   We are our past but how you embrace that past is what will help you have peace in the present and create a joyful future.  So by taking control of negative beliefs we have to trust that we are

Greater butterfly orchid flowers.

Greater butterfly orchid flowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

better than our negative behaviors and beliefs.

For instance while I stand in front of the mirror looking at my face I see the years of damage I have done from being in the sun with no protection.  I played tennis, hours and hours of tennis a day while I was in school and then after my mission.  I also loved the beach and could lay for hours absorbing the rays.  My belief is first that I shouldn’t have these spots!  How could I have done this to myself!  I need to get some work done and be presentable.  I am not professional when I have my face wrinkled and spotted!  As I sit and ponder my past decisions I realize that these marks are marks of love, passion, excitement, endurance, strength, determination, dedication, peace, and joy.  If I then train my brain to see those marks every time I step in front of the mirror as badges of triumph then how would I show up in the world? Would I start seeing myself as empowered and beautiful?  And thus seeing all others with similar marks as the same?  Maybe I would be more inspired to see the mysteries of God because of my new-found love for my past.

For all you moms out there, how many of us have judged our stomachs and the stretch marks and fat that has come because of bringing sweet children into the world?  Why would we do such a thing?? How could we do that to ourselves?!  We should put our heads up and walk proud because of what we have done and if till the day we die we carry those marks of honor than so be it because we have done one of the greatest things a human being can do.

The challenge for the rest of this week is to stand in front of that dang mirror and see why you have  that grey in your hair from loving your family enough to worry about how to provide for them, or that big nose you got from your favorite grandpa, or that hair on your chin from being able to see over 40 years of this amazing life.

Love to hear what happens in a few days.  What real feelings and thoughts show up for you?

With courage

Jen and Brian


Thought Frequencies

Life is made up of Energy and Frequency.  Everything is vibrating with energy….rocks, water, trees, air, us.   There are atomic particles inside a desk that are constantly vibrating with energy, although to us it appears to be lifeless.


Our thoughts vibrate with energy as well.  Our negative thoughts have a negative effect on our bodies and on our abilities.  Ever pay attention to what happens when you are having a bad day and your thoughts are mostly negative?  You tend to want to lounge around and do nothing all day, right?  What about when you are having a great day?  There is usually a lot of energy to accomplish things, right?  This is all due to the power of thought.  Our thoughts literally change our energy.  There is so much scientific proof behind the power of thought, and many books on the subject.

Let’s keep positive, high frequency thoughts and change our lives!  It is really that simple.  Thoughts become actions and actions become habit.

Positive thoughts carry energy of motion and will cause us to start creating positive forward motion in our lives!


I saw this on facebook this morning


This morning I woke up not feeling very well.  I lagged to get my kids up.  Layed in bed dreading  the day.  Most days I have been waking up happy and excited.  At one point I realized if I don’t get up and do what was needed the kids wouldn’t eat breakfast or get to school. My one year old would be sitting in a dirty diaper and possibly get a rash.  I also thought of the work that I was needing to do today.

So I got up and started doing what needed to be done.  I payed the bills that I had been leaving off for the past week.  I helped my daughter with a late project, made them snacks, drove them to school and changed that dirty diaper!  I started glancing through the posts on Facebook and came up on this one and thought this and knew it was perfect for the day.  Right at that moment  “I did”.  What will come of this post, I have no idea but for me I was a success.  I did what I promised I would do and that is 100% right.

I have a hard time with the “I can’t”.  My youngest daughter says it a lot and I actually find myself getting mad at her.  Maybe it is time to look inward and see what am I producing.  I truly believe that our kids are a direct reflection of how we are showing up in life.  What are we really saying “I can’t” to?  Whether it is verbal or not, look around to see if we are around many “I can’ters”? If we are then take a few moments to honestly face what you think you can’t do.  You may not be at the point of “I did” but let’s make our foundational point this week at the 50% mark of “I think I might”.

This is where patience plays a role and what is patience but just a show of our love for self and others.  Promise to value all things that come into life by starting at “I think I might”  Be aware of the changes that occur.  Being aware will help you to see what you’re doing right and know how to illuminate the negatives.


Good luck and may the “I did’s” be with you!

Jen and Brian Lamprey


Today lets dream a little bit.  Dreaming gets us excited about life again.  When we have been let down over and over it is easy to stop dreaming.  We are giving you permission to dream away!  Let yourself go and dream HUGE!  Don’t hesitate. Let go of the past, forget about it.  What really is there to lose?  Practice this next week to dream of what you want and who you want to be before you go to bed and the first five minutes of waking up.


We promise that your mind will start shifting into greater thoughts and you will begin to remember what it feels like to hope.


Remember don’t hold back!  Feel free to dream away!


We love you,

Brian and Jen

The Mother’s Dream

The Mother’s Dream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Deep Belief

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”!-  Henry Ford

What a great quote!  And so True!  We have the ability to be who we want and to accomplish what we want.  There is only one person on the Earth that allows this to happen or prevents this from happening….ourselves.  We are not controlled by our outward circumstances, but by our inward circumstances.   Our inward circumstances, be them positive or negative, are only what we allow them to be.   Powerful proof of this is found in the true life story of a man named Viktor Frankl.  I recommend that everyone read his book, “Man’s Search For Meaning”.   One of God’s greatest gifts to mankind is the ability to choose….no matter what.

Today, let’s begin to focus intensely on positive thinking and deep belief

Deutsch: Viktor Frankl

Deutsch: Viktor Frankl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…only giving our attention to thoughts that lift us and reinforce “I Can”!  Let’s immediately kick out any thought that tells us “I can’t”.  Remember, ‘Whether we think we can or we can’t, we are right.”





Brian and Jen






In the movie The Samurai there is a scene with Tom Cruise training with one of the Samaria.  Tom Cruise kept losing points and the Samaria told him, “You have too many mind”, as he pointed to different distractions.  In our last post we talked about the power of the mind.  It can be powerful in two ways, powerful in distraction and powerful in focus.


What are distractions?   There are always choices.  Those choices should be put into categories of good, better, or best.  If the majority of our activities are in the good or better category we are being distracted.  How can you know which activity falls in the good, better, best category?  Ultimately this is a very personal decision.  For us our first priority is to God.  When we are serving him in any capacity we are stepping into the best category.  We have found that when we do this that the other choices fall into their proper categories.


Lets give an example.  For us we have made a commitment that first thing in the morning we pray and read some scripture.  Many times we have decided to sleep in even a half hour because of going to bed later the evening before.  That half hour cuts into our time to pray and read. Because there are pressing activities that require our focus, i.e. kids, work, school we get distracted.    We stepped away from our integrity by choosing to not follow our inspired goals and commitments.   Tom Cruise was losing the fight from distractions just as we will lose our passion and purpose when we allow distraction to rule our lives.


English: A class of Veddah tribe children. Dam...

English: A class of Veddah tribe children. Dambana, Sri Lanka. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Just for reading this you get 10 points!!  HA:)




Love to each of you


Brian and Jen Lamprey





I was talking to my tennis partner about his best friend who he considers to be a genius.  He knows 7 languages, is a lawyer, and has multiple degrees.  I asked him if he has a photographic mind and he said he didn’t but that he grew up with parents who were very smart and loved to learn.  He also said he worked his butt off to be where he is today.  I

Brain 1

Brain 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

contemplated who this man was and where it came from for him to be able to retain all the knowledge that he had and will have.  It got me thinking about learning and the power of it.

This week is about the mind and how to create a healthier one.    I have always had a hard time learning.  Well actually not always.  Up until six grade I was in a Private school learning German.  I loved the German language and always got straight A’s.  While in that grade we had a pretty massive tragic accident.  My little sister who was only a year and a half drowned in our pool.  We moved from Las Vegas to Fallbrook in San Diego County.  To say our family was devastated was less than the truth.  We were in deep shock and my parents became very disconnected from my brother and I.   I changed.  I started doing drugs, drinking, and was barely getting by in school.  I remember reading things and not being able to retain a thing.  It felt like I was disconnected from my mind.  I was driven by some other force I didn’t understand.

Fast forward to senior year. I stopped drinking and drugs I started praying and discovered that God was there, he was there all along but something had happened to my ability to learn. I went to College, I never finished because I felt like I couldn’t retain anything.  I decided to go on a mission and was called to Romania.  As I was in the learning center for two months I was faced with some of the worst self-worth issues.  I had a blow up at one point because I couldn’t get or retain the language.  Even simple things. I was able to learn Romanian fluent which I know is only from being immersed in the culture.   Over the years I have done many certifications but have always felt less than, actually was called Kelly bundy(the stupid, slut daughter in married with children).  If that doesn’t tell you where I was at….But through it all I always  had a great intuition.  It was always there while I was feeling incapable of succeeding in the “real world”.

Because of my intuition I was able to go on and clear many issues of my past.  I also was able to follow my passions.  What I have discovered is that as I have worked on the issues of the past and truly come to terms with them, forgiven, and created new thoughts, I have been able to retain, learn, and to share so many concepts and tools.  It has been proven that when we have trauma, part of the brain literally shuts down to help protect us.  The memory areas of our minds.  As we heal those areas our memories start coming back.  We actually will have greater success in the present and future to learn all we desire to learn.

I’m in awe of this truth!   Our minds are one of the most amazing gifts we have been given.  As we learn more and heal more we start creating more connections, neuropathways.  These neuropathways are what will help us continue to learn at a faster rate.  We are capable of knowing the mysteries of God through learning.   It’s not about being just smart it is about progressing and finding greater joy.

Our challenge today is to face one of your greatest traumas.  Write down the experience.  Next write down what you have learned from this experience.  If you feel you have learned nothing please do not get discouraged.  Just say a prayer and let God open up to you the purpose of the trauma.  I promise you that finding this connection will help you progress more than you could imagine.  You will get 15 points for doing this exercise.

Here is to knowledge!

Jen Lamprey


Our minds are incredibly powerful!  It is said that we use on average about 10% of our brains.   Makes you wonder how much people like Einstein used…..We are able to access more of our brain than we think.   We want to share a potent way for all of us to access more of the power of our minds.  Our brains will program our bodies how to react based upon the positive or negative thoughts and beliefs that we feed it.  If you have never succeeded at work or earning money, chances are it is because most of your thoughts are, and have been negative in regards to your abilities to earn money or worthiness to have it.  Enough of these negative thoughts will cause the brain to shut the body down and cause a “fight” or” flight”  feeling every time work or money is brought up.  Those feelings of  ‘I can’t or I don’t know how’ are very real because through thoughts of self-doubt, we have told our brains that money is like a dangerous bear that we need to run from.   So when money and work are brought up, we can feel that uneasy or scared feeling.   We must instead train our brains to program our nervous systems and bodies to have an excitement associated with work and earning money.

It has been scientifically proven that if we train our brains with positive affirmations for 90 days in a row, we create new pathways in our brain where positive thoughts can flow freely through.  The negative ‘thought highways’ literally shut down and new positive ‘thought highways’ are formed.  Most have heard about positive affirmations.  They are statements that are said over and over throughout the day and they have an impact upon the way we think, and thus on how we feel and act.  An effective form of positive affirmations are BELIEF STATEMENTS.    They contain 3 parts:

a.  Because I am…

b.  Date by which to accomplish a certain goal…

English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d...

English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d’Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

c.  State the goal that will be accomplished.


Think of a goal you want to accomplish.  Then think about a quality you want to possess that would best bring about the accomplishment of that goal.  Then state the date by which it will be accomplished.  Here is an example:


Because I am an efficient worker, by August 14th, 2013 I earn $8,000 or more  per month.


Notice that the statement is simple…it states one quality, not many.  The accomplishment date is set at 90 days from the start date.  The goal in this case is $8,000 per month.  It is wise to write “or more” when dealing with money so that we are not capping our potential at just $8,000 per month.

These statements need to be typed or handwritten 7-10 times per day for 90 days.  Writing them by hand or typing is much more effective than just saying them.   If a day is missed, the process needs to be reset for 90 more consecutive days.  The goal date at the end of the statement needs to be adjusted accordingly.  It is important to do these every day.  They need to be shown to somebody every days as well.  This can be done through email or visually showing somebody your handwritten statements.  This is important because it creates a sense of support and that locks the belief even deeper.

These statements work!  I have done them at a few different times.  The second time I did them, my income doubled around the 90 day mark.  It was not as high an income as my statement declared, but it was still double my previous income.  Just so you know, I was not making enough for my family to live on before this, but was using savings from other sources.  This doubling income allowed us to get by, which would not have been possible after the savings money supply was exhausted.  I attribute this miracle in large part  to the belief statements.   Please create one yourselves and begin writing them 10 times per day for 90 days.  You are welcome to email them to us.  We hope you do.  Email us and ask us for advice on how to best come up with a belief statement.  There are definite ways to do them to make them powerful.   We can help you know what is a powerful belief statement that suits your personal needs and desires.  Do these belief statements and watch what happens!!!


with love,


Brian and Jen



What’s the point?

This is the last day of the week on emotion.  All I know is that when I let my negative emotions get the best of me I don’t care about anything.  What I care about is licking my wounds and blaming anyone but myself.


We all are going to have negative emotions, the difference is there are those that choose to let them rule their lives.




The challenge is to SLL,  Stop, Look, and Listen!  When you are feeling a lot of emotion stir, stop!  Look at where it is coming from and if it will serve your highest good.  And then listen to the inner voice telling you that it isn’t worth it!  You get as many points as you want on this one




Are you


English: emotions

English: emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Brian and Jen







  This is from Carol Tuttle in her book Remembering Wholeness.

         “As humans we have a harder time stating in joy than we do in pain and struggle.  Joy is a very high, clear vibrations in which life flows effortlessly and gracefully.  Pain is a slow, low vibration that attracts disharmony and upsets into our life.  When we are in pain and struggle.  We are cut off from our natural connection to the heavens and the light of Christ energy.  This energy source that sustains all life and from which all creation comes, is meant to flow to us freely, easily, and abundantly.  It is out God-given natural state to be in the high vibration of joy, yet for most humans it is not the familiar state.

     Let me explain what I mean by natural and familiar.  “Natural”  Means what we have been created to experience effortlessly and spontaneously as our genuine selves.  God created us to experience joy as our natural state.  What is narural is enthusiasm.  What is natural to you is laughing a lot.  What is natural is feeling strong and secure.  What is narual is a zest for life beyond anything most people over eight years old have felt for a long, long time.


     “Familiar” means what has become commonplace and habitual becasue of how frequently we have experienced it in our lives. Pain and struggle have become the familiar life experience for most people.  It is unfamiliar to be happy and joyful all the time, intentionally choosing to create more and more of what brings increased joy to others and ourselves. 

    Staying in a high vibration of joy and happiness and creating a wonderful life is every persons opportunity and one of the primary purposes of time in which we live. 

     Examine your own beliefs.  If you were told you could have a life completely free of pain and hardship would you believe it were possible?  What do you believe the struggles and hardships of your life offer you?  Do you believe you could create those same benefits and claim those same blessings in a constant state of joy and happiness and prosperity?  If you lived in a constant state of joy and happiness and prosperity could you stay in a place of compassion and humility?  Do you need adversity to keep you humble and submissive to God?  As long as pain ans struggle has a hidden value to you, you will need it in your life.  There will always be opposition in all things. That does not mean there has to be struggle in all things. 

     There will always be the contrast of pain and hardship available to us.  The old belief has been, I am learning and growing through adversity.  The new belief can be, I am learning and growing through JOY!  The question to ask yourself now is, how much joy can you hold, and how long can you hold it.”Image


     Challenge today is to hold joy~  When adversity comes your way decide to hold joy while it is going on. See what happens



 Brian and Jen Lamprey