How does order affect our spirituality?  My wife and I have been discussing how a lack of order creates chaos.  Order takes negative emotion out of our lives and allows us to create freedom because when we are orderly, we do things with a purpose.  Scheduling our days is one the most important aspects of order.  When you hear the word ‘schedule’, what is the emotion that you experience?  Does it create panic, rebellion, anger, detachment?  If so, why would these feelings come up?  How much power does that one word have?  What are the benefits of scheduling?  When we schedule, we are putting value on time.   When we see that our time is valuable, we automatically feel our own value.   The more that we stick to our schedule, the more personal value we create in ourselves.  The benefit of seeing greater personal value is that we become purpose driven, we have healthier relationships and we create abundance (ie:  money).

Today’s activity is:


Be aware of the emotions you experience that come up as you think about and execute your schedule.  The more negative your emotions you experience directly correlates with your feeling of low personal worth.  Scheduling will lift you out of this.

If we don’t schedule our time, we will stay in the habit of feeling like victims and making excuses.  Power comes from those that schedule!


Frangipani (Photo credit: flöschen)

The best way to create a schedule for the week is to do it with your spouse, respecting and cherishing each others time.  This will create spiritual unity between the two of you.  Order and Scheduling are the key to self value!  Go for it!

Please let us know how it goes.


Happy Scheduling,


Brian and Jen


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