Forgiveness THE Virtue

Rose Guy de Maupassant バラ ギィ ドゥ モーパッサン

Rose Guy de Maupassant バラ ギィ ドゥ モーパッサン (Photo credit: T.Kiya)

Guy de Maupassant, the French writer, tells the story of a peasant named Hauchecome who came on market day to the village.  While walking through the public  square, his eye caught sight of a piece of string lying on the cobblestones.  He picked it up and put it in his pocket.  His actions were observed by the village harness maker, with whom he had previously had a dispute.

Later in the day, the loss of a purse was reported.  Hauchecome was arrested on the accusation of the harness maker.  He was taken before the mayor, to whom he protested his innocence, showing the piece of string that he had picked up.  But he was not believed and was laughed at.

The next day, the purse was found and Hauchecome was absolved of any wrongdoing.  But, resentful of the indignity he had suffered because of a false accusation, he became embittered and would not let the matter die.  Unwilling to forgive and forget, he thought and talked of little else.  He neglected his farm.  Everywhere he went, everyone he met had to be told of the injustice.  By day and by night he brooded over it.  obsessed with his grievance, he became desperately ill and died.  In the delirium of his death struggles, he repeatedly murmured,  “A piece of string, a piece of string.

Even though this may seem like an extreme example, the reality is that  many of us are guilty of resentment and being unwilling to forgive.  When we do this and not forgive we hold ourself prisoner to those resentments and thus detaching ourselves from the joys of life.

Loiuse Hay is known as the mother of the positive movement.  In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, she states that if an affirmation does not work, there is someone whom you have need to forgive.   This shows the power that forgiveness has in our lives.  If we forgive, ourselves included, then we have the ability to move forward in life, thus creating  joy.

Forgiveness in not an easy task.  It involves a self-discipline and a letting go of our pride.  But the willingness to forgive is a sign of spiritual maturity.  It is one of the greatest virtues to aspire to because of its curative powers on our own spirits and  the world around us. It stats On the Sermon of the Mount, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse against you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you”.    What a beautiful world we would live if we all were in the habit of forgiving and forgetting!

Here is todays challenge, actually the rest of this months challenge:  Who in your life are you holding a grudge towards?  If you feel you can not pray for this person then you are holding some sort of resentment or grudge.  Challenge is to pray for this person.  EverYtime you prayer for them you get 2 points.

Seem silly to get points for this?  Of anything this should be a cause for reward and celebration, because it will not only heal your spirit, hence healing your body, but it will help the person you’re resenting.  It is kind of like the ripple effect.  Your vibration of progress will be clearer thus giving power to those you come in contact with to become clearer.  This is how we make true change in our environments.

Take the challenge, be healthy, and remember who you really are!

Brian and Jen Lamprey

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