faith (Photo credit: williamaturner)

Faith is things hoped for which are not seen.  How do we have faith in our relationships, especially those closest to us, our spouse or significant other?   How many times have we lost faith in our spouses abilities?

When we were dating, Brian and I did an exercise where we sat across from each other and sat quietly for a few minutes as we looked into each others’ eyes.  While holding the gaze, we repeatedly said positive things about each other and about ourselves.  The first experience with this was unbelievable.  We could see how we each were eternal beings with gifts and talents that we were not able to see on a more conscious day- to-day level.  Through this exercise, we tapped into our truth and it was powerful.   During times of trial we have looked back at that experience and remembered what we saw in the other person.  Even though we sometimes do actions that are not in our own or each others’ best interest ,we stand strong in our faith for one another.  This faith brings peace during our relationship trials and an assurance that we are in the right place.  It allows us to see that we are imperfect beings that are striving to better ourselves, and that failure is a part of the process of moving forward.

Faith without works is dead.  What does this mean in a relationship?  We believe it is necessary to live our relationship every day in the week,
every hour in the day, and every moment.  Believing and acting in this way,we
become strengthened in our faith for eachother.  A spirit of union and commitment increases within us,
we grow in knowledge, and we are better able to support and console our spouses in time of need and in time of triumph.

We are given the blessing of relationships to grow in our own capacity and knowledge.  When we give faith to our loved one, we are increasing in faith.  Hope reigns and love does conquer.

FAITH CHALLENGE:      For the rest of the month, take the time to tell your spouse or loved one the positive qualities that you see in them.  Each time you do that you are creating the energy of Faith.  This is worth 2 points, and please write down in your points journal at the end of each day how many points you accumulated.  (And no, you can’t just sit in front of your spouse and say a hundred positive things and count each one as 2 points 🙂  This is meant to be spread out over days and weeks.)

Here is to The courage to have Faith and act on it!

Brian and Jen


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