Patience and Work

Ok, today’s thoughts are about PATIENCE and WORK!  I have to admit that this is not an easy one for me.  We are part of a society that is leaning more and more towards instant gratification.  Patience, along with hard work, are seemingly more and more scarce.  Many of us want to be everything or have everything now.  I have been in this frame of mind a lot in my life.  But it is an unhealthy and unrealistic point of view.  The trick is to enjoy the journey.  Patience will give us the inner assurance that everything will work out ok, as we are willing to work and to have faith.  In doing, it seems that things work out.

Patience and work are necessary for our spiritual health.  If we are not working towards a greater good or we do not have patience, it puts up a barrier to us connecting to our spirits and to God. We stay in self-pity and victim mode because the doors to opportunity are literally shut before us.   As soon as we begin to work effectively and patiently, momentum begins and we are lifted above those negative things.  We begin to see and feel the possibilities and progress before us. Great people and opportunities come into our lives that never could be there otherwise.

Todays challenge is to work on


Patience (Photo credit: AngSocialMed)

🙂 Patience sometimes takes a lot of work.  What are you the most impatient with today.  Observe yourself and remember when you were proud of your patience in a situation.  Now apply that view of patience to the pending situation.  Have fun with it!  Patience creates fun

Here is to a patient day!

Brian and Jen



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