The Antidote for Fear

Fear Fear Fear!  Doesn’t the sound of the word even create fear?   Fear is the ultimate halter of happiness and freedom.  How much do we lose out on life when we allow fear to dominate our emotions?  It almost kept me from getting married.  I hadn’t realized it for so many years of my life, but I had a deep down fear of marriage and commitment.  This fear kept me running away from every relationship that got serious.  And while I was dating Jen, I was still very fearful of marriage.  But somewhere down deep, I found the antidote.  It is LOVE.  Love of God and Love for Jen and Love for myself.

We learn this in 1 John 4:18…”There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:  because fear hath torment.  He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

Do you let fear run your emotions?  I have found that love is the guaranteed antidote.  Life is meant to be full and abundant.  Love is the catalyst!

When we let lover reign over our fears life turns into an adventure!  Today’s challenge is to be aware of one aspect of your life that you are fearful of.  Something important that you always avoid, yet you know it needs to be addressed.  Then think of someone or something that always makes you feel love.   My wife likes to call this your ‘love anchor’.

The challenge is to decide to face your fear.  Every time that fear comes up, replace it with your ‘love anchor’.  Every time you do it,  record one point in your point journal.

Have patience with this.  Fears can take time to overcome, but remember the power of  love in this process.



Brian and Jen

Fear & Anticipation

Fear & Anticipation (Photo credit: hartlandmartin)





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