How many of us push a feeling away, let it get out of control, detach from it, force it down, fear it, or blame it on someone else?  As I sit and think about what emotion really is I’m struck by the fact that it seems to have negative connotation.  Growing up I was always told I feel too much.  Feel too much?? And so because of this I kept thinking I needed to go into my head more.  My headaches got worse, my emotions became out of control.  But what I realized was that I was not facing the emotions I was having.  They became my enemy and we know when we have enemies we are not willing to see their good or what they have to offer.  I believe that because of this “detached” emotional state I became flighty and not grounded.  I knew who I was but I couldn’t hold on to it because I wasn’t willing to love my emotions or to appreciate their value.  The negative and positive ones.  I believe that we can’t just see the positive emotions.  There are always opposing forces.  Being aware of both is key to progress.

Yes the day is almost over but there is still a challenge.  Today FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS!  Be aware.  This is the first step in become powerful.  What you do with these emotions determines what kind of powerful you become.   Write down tonight what emotions showed up for you.  PLEASE don’t judge yourself with this.  I know it will be hard but you can do it.  And here you get ten points for writing the emotions down!



English: Managing emotions - Identifying feelings

English: Managing emotions – Identifying feelings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jen and Brian Lamprey

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