Bach Flower Remedies


Rescue_Remedy (Photo credit: hjw223)

Emotions are powerful.  We are meant to feel them, both positive and negative. They all have their purpose.  For example, If we didn’t experience disappointment, we wouldn’t know how amazing it is to feel triumph.  A lot of the time, we make decisions based upon our emotions.  We need to have control over our emotions.   Some of our biggest mistakes can be made when we make decisions based solely upon emotion.  It is so important to get our emotions under control.  There are ways to do this.  One of these methods is through Bach Flower Remedies.  What are Bach Flower Remedies?  They are essences from flowers in nature.  These flowers contain properties in them that help us balance our negative emotions, be it stress, anger, low self worth, depression and the list goes on.  Seem bizarre?  Yes it does at first, but not when you consider that all nature is connected and things were created with a purpose.  God created the Earth and all in it for the use and benefit of mankind.  This is the miracle of nature.  And yes, these remedies do work!  We are able to help many overcome negative emotions through the use of our bioenergetic feedback machine and flower remedies.  Please contact us for more information.  We would love to help any who are in need of more positive emotions and strength to overcome the negative emotions.


Brian and Jennifer

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