This is from Carol Tuttle in her book Remembering Wholeness.

         “As humans we have a harder time stating in joy than we do in pain and struggle.  Joy is a very high, clear vibrations in which life flows effortlessly and gracefully.  Pain is a slow, low vibration that attracts disharmony and upsets into our life.  When we are in pain and struggle.  We are cut off from our natural connection to the heavens and the light of Christ energy.  This energy source that sustains all life and from which all creation comes, is meant to flow to us freely, easily, and abundantly.  It is out God-given natural state to be in the high vibration of joy, yet for most humans it is not the familiar state.

     Let me explain what I mean by natural and familiar.  “Natural”  Means what we have been created to experience effortlessly and spontaneously as our genuine selves.  God created us to experience joy as our natural state.  What is narural is enthusiasm.  What is natural to you is laughing a lot.  What is natural is feeling strong and secure.  What is narual is a zest for life beyond anything most people over eight years old have felt for a long, long time.


     “Familiar” means what has become commonplace and habitual becasue of how frequently we have experienced it in our lives. Pain and struggle have become the familiar life experience for most people.  It is unfamiliar to be happy and joyful all the time, intentionally choosing to create more and more of what brings increased joy to others and ourselves. 

    Staying in a high vibration of joy and happiness and creating a wonderful life is every persons opportunity and one of the primary purposes of time in which we live. 

     Examine your own beliefs.  If you were told you could have a life completely free of pain and hardship would you believe it were possible?  What do you believe the struggles and hardships of your life offer you?  Do you believe you could create those same benefits and claim those same blessings in a constant state of joy and happiness and prosperity?  If you lived in a constant state of joy and happiness and prosperity could you stay in a place of compassion and humility?  Do you need adversity to keep you humble and submissive to God?  As long as pain ans struggle has a hidden value to you, you will need it in your life.  There will always be opposition in all things. That does not mean there has to be struggle in all things. 

     There will always be the contrast of pain and hardship available to us.  The old belief has been, I am learning and growing through adversity.  The new belief can be, I am learning and growing through JOY!  The question to ask yourself now is, how much joy can you hold, and how long can you hold it.”Image


     Challenge today is to hold joy~  When adversity comes your way decide to hold joy while it is going on. See what happens



 Brian and Jen Lamprey

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