I was talking to my tennis partner about his best friend who he considers to be a genius.  He knows 7 languages, is a lawyer, and has multiple degrees.  I asked him if he has a photographic mind and he said he didn’t but that he grew up with parents who were very smart and loved to learn.  He also said he worked his butt off to be where he is today.  I

Brain 1

Brain 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

contemplated who this man was and where it came from for him to be able to retain all the knowledge that he had and will have.  It got me thinking about learning and the power of it.

This week is about the mind and how to create a healthier one.    I have always had a hard time learning.  Well actually not always.  Up until six grade I was in a Private school learning German.  I loved the German language and always got straight A’s.  While in that grade we had a pretty massive tragic accident.  My little sister who was only a year and a half drowned in our pool.  We moved from Las Vegas to Fallbrook in San Diego County.  To say our family was devastated was less than the truth.  We were in deep shock and my parents became very disconnected from my brother and I.   I changed.  I started doing drugs, drinking, and was barely getting by in school.  I remember reading things and not being able to retain a thing.  It felt like I was disconnected from my mind.  I was driven by some other force I didn’t understand.

Fast forward to senior year. I stopped drinking and drugs I started praying and discovered that God was there, he was there all along but something had happened to my ability to learn. I went to College, I never finished because I felt like I couldn’t retain anything.  I decided to go on a mission and was called to Romania.  As I was in the learning center for two months I was faced with some of the worst self-worth issues.  I had a blow up at one point because I couldn’t get or retain the language.  Even simple things. I was able to learn Romanian fluent which I know is only from being immersed in the culture.   Over the years I have done many certifications but have always felt less than, actually was called Kelly bundy(the stupid, slut daughter in married with children).  If that doesn’t tell you where I was at….But through it all I always  had a great intuition.  It was always there while I was feeling incapable of succeeding in the “real world”.

Because of my intuition I was able to go on and clear many issues of my past.  I also was able to follow my passions.  What I have discovered is that as I have worked on the issues of the past and truly come to terms with them, forgiven, and created new thoughts, I have been able to retain, learn, and to share so many concepts and tools.  It has been proven that when we have trauma, part of the brain literally shuts down to help protect us.  The memory areas of our minds.  As we heal those areas our memories start coming back.  We actually will have greater success in the present and future to learn all we desire to learn.

I’m in awe of this truth!   Our minds are one of the most amazing gifts we have been given.  As we learn more and heal more we start creating more connections, neuropathways.  These neuropathways are what will help us continue to learn at a faster rate.  We are capable of knowing the mysteries of God through learning.   It’s not about being just smart it is about progressing and finding greater joy.

Our challenge today is to face one of your greatest traumas.  Write down the experience.  Next write down what you have learned from this experience.  If you feel you have learned nothing please do not get discouraged.  Just say a prayer and let God open up to you the purpose of the trauma.  I promise you that finding this connection will help you progress more than you could imagine.  You will get 15 points for doing this exercise.

Here is to knowledge!

Jen Lamprey

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