In the movie The Samurai there is a scene with Tom Cruise training with one of the Samaria.  Tom Cruise kept losing points and the Samaria told him, “You have too many mind”, as he pointed to different distractions.  In our last post we talked about the power of the mind.  It can be powerful in two ways, powerful in distraction and powerful in focus.


What are distractions?   There are always choices.  Those choices should be put into categories of good, better, or best.  If the majority of our activities are in the good or better category we are being distracted.  How can you know which activity falls in the good, better, best category?  Ultimately this is a very personal decision.  For us our first priority is to God.  When we are serving him in any capacity we are stepping into the best category.  We have found that when we do this that the other choices fall into their proper categories.


Lets give an example.  For us we have made a commitment that first thing in the morning we pray and read some scripture.  Many times we have decided to sleep in even a half hour because of going to bed later the evening before.  That half hour cuts into our time to pray and read. Because there are pressing activities that require our focus, i.e. kids, work, school we get distracted.    We stepped away from our integrity by choosing to not follow our inspired goals and commitments.   Tom Cruise was losing the fight from distractions just as we will lose our passion and purpose when we allow distraction to rule our lives.


English: A class of Veddah tribe children. Dam...

English: A class of Veddah tribe children. Dambana, Sri Lanka. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Just for reading this you get 10 points!!  HA:)




Love to each of you


Brian and Jen Lamprey




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