Thought Frequencies

Life is made up of Energy and Frequency.  Everything is vibrating with energy….rocks, water, trees, air, us.   There are atomic particles inside a desk that are constantly vibrating with energy, although to us it appears to be lifeless.


Our thoughts vibrate with energy as well.  Our negative thoughts have a negative effect on our bodies and on our abilities.  Ever pay attention to what happens when you are having a bad day and your thoughts are mostly negative?  You tend to want to lounge around and do nothing all day, right?  What about when you are having a great day?  There is usually a lot of energy to accomplish things, right?  This is all due to the power of thought.  Our thoughts literally change our energy.  There is so much scientific proof behind the power of thought, and many books on the subject.

Let’s keep positive, high frequency thoughts and change our lives!  It is really that simple.  Thoughts become actions and actions become habit.

Positive thoughts carry energy of motion and will cause us to start creating positive forward motion in our lives!

One thought on “Thought Frequencies

  1. I believe it too! But, I admit, it’s hard to keep the positive vibe all the time. I try, I try, but I get grumpy and lose my temper more than I want… thanks for the reminder! =D

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