Healthy PH

English: Cucumber

English: Cucumber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“What you eat, what you drink, or even your thoughts can make you over acidic.”-  Dr. Robert Young PH.D




Do you remember sitting in science or chemistry classes at school and learning about PH levels?  Do you remember the terms ‘acidic’ and ‘alkaline’?  Did you think to yourself, ‘wow this is boring and why do I have to learn this?’   Well, this PH system that we learned in school is actually one of the most important factors to our health.  The PH level of our bodies determines our state of health or of sickness and disease.  If our bodies are in an alkaline state, disease cannot exist.  For the next three days, we will be sharing about how we can create alkalinity and health in our bodies.  This is affected by our diet and stress, ie our attitudes, emotions and thoughts.  More to come on this fascinating and important subject….




For today, we would like everybody to think about your dieting habits and what your stress factors are in your life.  Write them down so that you will be able to think about any lifestyle changes that are prompted by the posts tomorrow and Monday.




Brian and Jen






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