Jennifer and Brian Lamprey
The Path to a Fullness of Joy:
       Our Mission:  We assist families to maintain a higher standard of living and greater joy by providing the most highly effective holistic modalities and proper education


Brian Lamprey  My desire is to help individuals understand sound principles of health.  I provide education and individualized plans to assist those with health struggles.  Through Bio Energetic Feedback and creating an alkalyzed environment within the body through proper nutrition and stress management tools I am able to accomplish eradication of illness, disease, and addiction.


            -Bachelors Degree in Business 2002

           – Money & You, Accelerated Business School 2010

           – Certified Nutritionist2013

           -Certified Personal Trainer2013

          -Certified Biofeedback practitioner2013


        -Addressing chronic fatigue

        -Thyroid issues

        -Weight management

        -PH balancing

        -Relationship trauma

        -Addiction recovery for men

        -Chronic back issues


Jennifer Peterson Your Healing ArtistI am a healing artist with over 10 years experience helping hundreds of clients and health practitioners heal themselves through Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, Bio Energetic Feedback, Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other modalities.  I believe also that through coming together to support one another through our hardships and trials we can have the freedom we are looking for.


– Ceritified Relationship Coach- World Coach Institute

– Veridia – Biofeedback Certified, California and South Carolina 2005-2010

– Healing Hands – Massage Certified, Laguna Hills and Escondido CA 2000-2001

– Soul of Yoga – Reiki Certified, Encinitas, CA 2009– 

-Money & You, Accelerated business school 2009

    Accomplishments in Healing:

– Assisting women to recover from addiction of spouse or loved one

– Assisting women to create healthy, thriving, loving  relationships

-Helped resolve renal failure
– Assisted with relieving conception stresses
– Helped alleviate migraines
– Assisted in overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
– Successfully avoided Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery
– Unlocked “frozen shoulder”
– Provided spiritual, professional, and mental clearings for enhanced work performance
– Helped resolve agoraphobic outbreaks
– Assisted successful sleep patterns for insomniacs

My love’s:

My family is my greatest accomplishment.  I feel deep gratitude that I can work with my husband in helping others find freedom in their lives.  I have always believed in being a stay at home mom but what that means has changed for me as I learned what co-dependency really looked and felt like.  I know love serve in doing things I love.


-Assisting couples with addiction recovery from pornography


– Nutritional Coaching
– Healthy Cooking Coaching,
– Tui Na
– Shiatsu, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Healing
– Reiki
– Detoxification Coaching
– Restaurant Management
– Floral Arrangement for Weddings
– Tennis Instruction
– Fluent in Romanian

Further Accomplishments


Married to a wonderful man and health guru.  Mother of 3 beautiful girls

In Spirituality:
Annual Faith Award Recipient, LDS Mission in Romania -worked in cancer hospitals and orphanages.

Competitive sports – Tennis: Member of USTA,  Kick Boxing, Beach Volleyball.

Other interests – Modern Decor, Interior Design, Culinary Arts, Travel, Linguistics, Fine Arts, World and Reggae Music, Religions, International Politics, American History, Environmentalism, Hiking, Nature Sciences, Coastal Habitats, Genealogy, Anthropology, Dancing, Singing, Floral Arrangement, Jewelry, Semi-Precious Stones.

Interests in Healing – Relationship Dynamics, Music Therapy, Parenting, Child Psychology, Healing Technologies, Feng Shui, Tai Chi.

– Temecula Chamber of Commerce

– Carlsbad, Creator Women’s Mastermind

-Trusted team

-Money & You

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