Deep Belief

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”!-  Henry Ford

What a great quote!  And so True!  We have the ability to be who we want and to accomplish what we want.  There is only one person on the Earth that allows this to happen or prevents this from happening….ourselves.  We are not controlled by our outward circumstances, but by our inward circumstances.   Our inward circumstances, be them positive or negative, are only what we allow them to be.   Powerful proof of this is found in the true life story of a man named Viktor Frankl.  I recommend that everyone read his book, “Man’s Search For Meaning”.   One of God’s greatest gifts to mankind is the ability to choose….no matter what.

Today, let’s begin to focus intensely on positive thinking and deep belief

Deutsch: Viktor Frankl

Deutsch: Viktor Frankl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…only giving our attention to thoughts that lift us and reinforce “I Can”!  Let’s immediately kick out any thought that tells us “I can’t”.  Remember, ‘Whether we think we can or we can’t, we are right.”





Brian and Jen