Our minds are incredibly powerful!  It is said that we use on average about 10% of our brains.   Makes you wonder how much people like Einstein used…..We are able to access more of our brain than we think.   We want to share a potent way for all of us to access more of the power of our minds.  Our brains will program our bodies how to react based upon the positive or negative thoughts and beliefs that we feed it.  If you have never succeeded at work or earning money, chances are it is because most of your thoughts are, and have been negative in regards to your abilities to earn money or worthiness to have it.  Enough of these negative thoughts will cause the brain to shut the body down and cause a “fight” or” flight”  feeling every time work or money is brought up.  Those feelings of  ‘I can’t or I don’t know how’ are very real because through thoughts of self-doubt, we have told our brains that money is like a dangerous bear that we need to run from.   So when money and work are brought up, we can feel that uneasy or scared feeling.   We must instead train our brains to program our nervous systems and bodies to have an excitement associated with work and earning money.

It has been scientifically proven that if we train our brains with positive affirmations for 90 days in a row, we create new pathways in our brain where positive thoughts can flow freely through.  The negative ‘thought highways’ literally shut down and new positive ‘thought highways’ are formed.  Most have heard about positive affirmations.  They are statements that are said over and over throughout the day and they have an impact upon the way we think, and thus on how we feel and act.  An effective form of positive affirmations are BELIEF STATEMENTS.    They contain 3 parts:

a.  Because I am…

b.  Date by which to accomplish a certain goal…

English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d...

English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d’Albert Einstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

c.  State the goal that will be accomplished.


Think of a goal you want to accomplish.  Then think about a quality you want to possess that would best bring about the accomplishment of that goal.  Then state the date by which it will be accomplished.  Here is an example:


Because I am an efficient worker, by August 14th, 2013 I earn $8,000 or more  per month.


Notice that the statement is simple…it states one quality, not many.  The accomplishment date is set at 90 days from the start date.  The goal in this case is $8,000 per month.  It is wise to write “or more” when dealing with money so that we are not capping our potential at just $8,000 per month.

These statements need to be typed or handwritten 7-10 times per day for 90 days.  Writing them by hand or typing is much more effective than just saying them.   If a day is missed, the process needs to be reset for 90 more consecutive days.  The goal date at the end of the statement needs to be adjusted accordingly.  It is important to do these every day.  They need to be shown to somebody every days as well.  This can be done through email or visually showing somebody your handwritten statements.  This is important because it creates a sense of support and that locks the belief even deeper.

These statements work!  I have done them at a few different times.  The second time I did them, my income doubled around the 90 day mark.  It was not as high an income as my statement declared, but it was still double my previous income.  Just so you know, I was not making enough for my family to live on before this, but was using savings from other sources.  This doubling income allowed us to get by, which would not have been possible after the savings money supply was exhausted.  I attribute this miracle in large part  to the belief statements.   Please create one yourselves and begin writing them 10 times per day for 90 days.  You are welcome to email them to us.  We hope you do.  Email us and ask us for advice on how to best come up with a belief statement.  There are definite ways to do them to make them powerful.   We can help you know what is a powerful belief statement that suits your personal needs and desires.  Do these belief statements and watch what happens!!!


with love,


Brian and Jen




Bach Flower Remedies


Rescue_Remedy (Photo credit: hjw223)

Emotions are powerful.  We are meant to feel them, both positive and negative. They all have their purpose.  For example, If we didn’t experience disappointment, we wouldn’t know how amazing it is to feel triumph.  A lot of the time, we make decisions based upon our emotions.  We need to have control over our emotions.   Some of our biggest mistakes can be made when we make decisions based solely upon emotion.  It is so important to get our emotions under control.  There are ways to do this.  One of these methods is through Bach Flower Remedies.  What are Bach Flower Remedies?  They are essences from flowers in nature.  These flowers contain properties in them that help us balance our negative emotions, be it stress, anger, low self worth, depression and the list goes on.  Seem bizarre?  Yes it does at first, but not when you consider that all nature is connected and things were created with a purpose.  God created the Earth and all in it for the use and benefit of mankind.  This is the miracle of nature.  And yes, these remedies do work!  We are able to help many overcome negative emotions through the use of our bioenergetic feedback machine and flower remedies.  Please contact us for more information.  We would love to help any who are in need of more positive emotions and strength to overcome the negative emotions.


Brian and Jennifer