“Jen you rock! Your scans are amazing and they really worked. You have saved us numerous times! Thanks!”
Paige Kessler
Paige Kessler, owner, Rocker Roos Clothing

“Jennifer Peterson has an amazing and unique understanding of what is required to make a person whole.  She understands deeply how the body, mind and spirit are interconnected, and her approach to healing is thorough and complete. For much of my life, I have dealt with health issues, emotional imbalances, and negative patterns and cycles.  Jennifer has opened my eyes in so many ways.  She has helped me to understand where these issues originated and why they have been a part of my life.  She has helped me to see that I have the power within to be who I want to be.  She has understood me and helped me more than any health professional I’ve known.  Jennifer is a healer.”


“Jennifer is a trustworthy individual, with a great knowledge for the therapies she offers. She is very fair in her dealings with her clients, and successfully gives what is expected from her programs.”
Holly Eller
Holly Eller, Dula

“We have so many opportunities to heal ourselves, and yet we don’t. The human condition can change. But running away is no longer applicable to healing and moving on to rebuild from the ashes. The ashes are here, what is rebuilt from them depends on you.  Your physical body is a walking/living advertisement for how you feel, think, act and how committed you are to self discipline about your health on a daily basis… What are YOU advertising to the world through your body?  Jennifer Peterson designs healing as a wholesome process of recognition and reintegration.  I trust her and thus this allows the creative results with calm intensity that is empowering and fulfilling.  Taking a moment to gain perspective around our healing is vital to one’s sanity and with Jennifer I’m working on it.  I would recommend that you get in touch with her.”
Patrick Carney
Patrick Carney, Artiste

H EA L E R – A Poem by Lyn Foltz

H ere and now

E nergetically

A llowing the divine

L etting go of the ‘yick’

E motionally

R echarged.

“When I work with Jennifer I step into a sacred space.  The prayer that she says over me before she begins immediately puts me in a place of love, and I become acutely aware that something way ‘bigger’ than both of us is running the session.  I may not know or understand what is going on with me when I arrive.  I trust Jennifer. She is guided to the areas that need work.  She receives pictures or words that she gladly shares at the end to help me see where I am at, or where I am going.  After several sessions, I am the butterfly.  I am seeing my own beauty; I am becoming aware of the gifts God has given me.  I am starting to fly.”
Lyn Foltz, alpha poet

“Jennifer is a healer. I find her energy and healing work extremely powerful, each and every time. She has an amazing ability to tune into the person she is working with and to sense what is going on within him/her. You come out of a session shifted to the positive and relieved of stresses and tensions (some of which you didn’t consciously know you had, but unconsciously they drained you). Her verbalizations of what she felt was going on with you during the session are always stunning, thought provoking and lead to even more positive shifts long-term. The bottom line is: You have to experience this to fully appreciate what her talent can mean to you!”
Stephie Althouse
Stephie Althouse (Vierkotter), Ph.D.

“Jennifer is one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever known. Her openness, insight and compassion have made a profound difference in my life. I feel more relaxed and more resolved than I have in quite some time. Jennifer’s gifts are as immense as they are unique. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking their own path towards healing.”
Jennifer C., Writer

Since seeing Jennifer to have her art heal me, I’ve received several compliments on my energy shift. One said, “when I met you, I didn’t even see your face, I just saw the halo of light around you.” Another said, “there’s a laser beam of light shooting out of the top of your head!” VISIT HER AND SHINE YOUR LIGHT A LITTLE BRIGHTER!
Solange Sheppy., Poet

“You under-promise and over-deliver! Thanks for all you are doing to make the world and us better!”
Scott Schilling., author

"You are amazing Jennifer BoyerPeterson Lamprey…knew just what to say to me.”

Kim Hoyer

“I had no idea how strong of a self limiting believe I had of myself until I did a healing session with my friend Jennifer BoyerPeterson Lamprey!!! Not only can I do this single mom thing by myself.. I will do it well and thrive on being alone until the “right” person comes into my life.. and I let go of the timing and know that it is all as it should be! I am well supported and loved!!”

Wendy WhitelawWendy Whitelaw., Realitor and Business coach

“While going through my divorce I sought Jen and her gifts out for healing and self-improvement. She helped me immensely with energy work, tapping, visualization, the scan and drops and support. She has a true gift and I treasure her and the modalities she helped me with. ”

Karina., EFT Practitioner

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